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Drive sales with effective lead management. Converting a lead into a potential buyer depends on efficient communication and nurturing. From lead generation to SA to conversion, SA ensures proper follow-up to move your leads through the sales pipeline.

Sales Dashboard

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  • Web-to-Lead Forms you can capture leads directly from your website. The web-to-leads forms feature lets you collect prospects’ details using a form on your site that will automatically create a lead in your StoneApp CRM.
  • Schedule follow-ups Never miss out on crucial follow-ups again. Schedule tasks and appointments, and get email alerts to remind you of it.
  • Convert leads to Quotes When leads are willing to buy your product or service, turn them into Quotes with just a click. While converting, also create follow-up tasks.

Manage customers track sales

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Whether you are small, medium, or large fabricator our solutions scale to fit your needs.
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Draw The Countertops

  • Select the slabs or remnants directly from your inventory with pictures, layout the Countertops on slabs and define the seams and rotate them to ensure they’ll fit on slabs. And print or email directly from the StoneApp.
  • Once after getting approval from the customer. Approve the quote, collect payment, generate invoice and sync to Quickbooks.
  • Commercial Quoting: Doing commercial bidding in Stone App is easy to click a button and import you quote directly from Takeoff screen software.
  • Sales commissions module in SA help you to know the actual cost of job individually.

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Follow-up Calendar

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Quote View

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Customer Success Stories

Ability to draw customers counters and issue material to the job. By showing us our Profit Margin, we were able to adjust to make more profit per job.

Bob SlusserCarved In Stone - Project Estimator

By far the best team I've ever worked with. They truly understood the look I was going for and completely nailed it! I would highly recommend them as a company, you simply just won't find any better team!

Alyssa FairHard Rock Stone Works - Sales Manager

We like how easy it is to put a quote together after you've built all your price books. There are so many options and details that can be included within the quote you dont need anything else but StoneApp to put a quote together.

Josh RubinkSpaulding Stone - Controller

Quote Management has enabled is to get a grasp on all of our quoting and invoicing. We can clearly see the amount of sales per sales person in a nice graphical display that makes the information easy to understand and see where we can improve. It also is extremely easy to create a quote and get it to a customer quickly and accurately.

JasonStone Resources - Manager

Now that our sales team is using the CRM tool, we have the insight and confidence that we are targeting our best leads and following up at the right day and time. Equally beneficial is the time savings from the integrated ERP system.

Aaron MooreStoneworks LTD – North Carolina - General Manager