Utilizing Intuit Quickbooks, one of the top 3 best accounting softwares in 2018 according to StoneApp has the ability to run reports and see specifics but also uses the tools you are used to with QuickBooks.

If you are the ardent and diligent mindset that more information is better, we invite you to use additional tools and reporting through the Accounting View. This module provides information on jobs sold, applying payments, and generating invoices. Your accounting team has a direct line to see what new sales are approved jobs, view department spending habits and organize accounts, record payments and create invoices. This works on COD, Net Terms, and even financing customers.

You can generate invoices for inventory out when selling materials outright and pay bills for inventory received. Verifying that the inventory spending habits are inline with company procedures and making the most out of tight situations.

Our “Push to QuickBooks” feature is a one way avenue of sharing information. This means that information entered into QuickBooks will not read directly into StoneApp keeping StoneApp the scientific “control” of your process which increases the reliability of the results, so reporting can be more specific and you have easy verification.

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Customer Success Stories

Being able to track sales, sales lost, and being able to sync with QuickBooks. Major time changer.

Bob SlusserCarved In Stone - Project Estimator

Our staff finds it easy to apply incoming payments to outstanding invoices. Syncing it with our QB with a touch of a button has made everything just that much easier.

Josh RubinkSpaulding Stone - Controller

Accounting view is a great tool for our bookkeeper to see exactly what our AR is and the fact that it syncs all of our invoices with quickbooks is amazing.

JasonStone Resources - Manager

It is very helpful that we have full visibility of any past due or over credit limit customers during the sales process. We no longer need to key client information, areas, and parts twice because the Quickbooks sync function handles this for us. We were able to save 1.5 FTE thanks to this functionality.

Aaron MooreStoneworks LTD – North Carolina - General Manager