Better Automation Through Integration


Our world is more globalized than ever before this means there is a lot more access to specialists who are willing to share technology via an open API. This means that larger companies like Intuit Quickbooks, Gmail, Slabsmith, and many other products/services are available for developers to access and for information to transfer from one software to another.

Intuit Quickbooks has been integrated to create a One Way flow of information from StoneApp into Quickbooks. This saves time during order entry and still allows you to use Quickbooks standardized reporting along with StoneApp’s Dashboards and Reports.

Gmail Integration allows for mobile access and logging of sent messages/mail into the job’s Communication Hub upon sending. All emails will still show as outgoing in our standard Gmail host account.

Slabsmith is utilized in SA in two ways: One, photos of inventory are linked to the appropriate stock numbers and are able to be viewed by company employees instead of walking customers through a dangerous warehouse to move dozens of slabs only to discover the buried slab looks nothing like what the customer wants. Slabsmith photos can also be applied to your website to allow for a customer online browsing experience.

HomeDepot(Iconx): Provides extreme efficiency through automated Quote creation including isolation of square feet, material, and price information. StoneApp also uploads template and installation dates to HConnect. Obtain a digital signature via the installation app and upload the LSWP forms and ICA directly to the HDConnect portal.

By letting the professionals of each of these softwares focus on what they know best, you can still use some of the best softwares in the industry and make it work with your new software.

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Customer Success Stories

Time clock: Ability to view employees time in/out with employees’ photo for proof.

Bob SlusserCarved In Stone - Project Estimator

Our StoneApp is integrated with Quickbooks. This creates an easy way to sync invoices created in StoneApp with the product we use to create financial statements.

Josh RubinkSpaulding Stone - Controller

Integration has been very easy. The team at StoneApp is extremely helpful and always respond quickly whenever you have questions or suggestions for future improvements.

JasonStone Resources - Manager

Stoneworks uses the HomeDepot integration (pulls and pushes data and forms), the Quickbooks Sync, and the estimating tool integration to maximize efficiency. StoneApp may offer more but these are the ones that we use.

Aaron MooreStoneworks LTD – North Carolina - General Manager